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Welcome to Agrifert

AgriFertTM is a progressive fertiliser company offering sustainable solutions and fertiliser programmes to farmers throughout New Zealand. Ongoing product development means AgriFert's specialist range of liquid and solid fertilisers, soil conditioners, animal health supplements and sustainable fertiliser programmes keep Agrifert at the forefront of farming and animal subsistence.


A quality range of fertiliser products including:

  • Our NPK Seaweed Liquid Fertiliser Range (most are MAF registered)
  • Soil friendly Solid Fertiliser Range
  • Registered Organic Liquid and Solid Fertilisers
  • Soil Conditioners
  • Liquid and Slurry Lime
  • Trace Element and Minerals  
  • Animal Health Products
  • Comprehensive and sustainable fertiliser programmes taking into account all aspects of soil, pasture and animal requirements
  • Pre and Post Calve programmes


A range of sustainable programmes designed to give better soils, healthier pastures and thriving animals

  • "ECO": Sustainable fertiliser programme taking today's farmers and their farms into the future.
  • Weed ‘n’ Feed: programmes designed to eradicate weeds and sustain pasture palatability and growth
  • Animal Health: a programme recognising the importance of promoting stock health and improved production returns
  • Equine Pasture: enhance your soil providing your breeds with the very best nutrition